Products, services and solutions

Solving complex IoT challenges

With innovators worldwide looking to solve many of the world’s complex challenges through IoT, and billions of devices requiring both location-awareness and wireless communication capabilities, value-added services and comprehensive go-to-market solutions are increasingly in demand.  

Here are a few highlights of u-blox’s product, services, and solutions developed to meet the requirements of our dynamic customers during 2021:
CloudLocate service
This new u-blox service enables positioning in the cloud to extend the life of energy-constrained IoT applications, with up to 10x energy savings by calculating a location and delivering it to the enterprises’ cloud. CloudLocate is ideally suited for IoT asset tracking applications that must survive in the field for months or years without battery replacement, require few position updates per day, require reasonable position accuracy, and for which location is needed in the cloud rather than on the device or asset.
PointPerfect GNSS correction service
u‑blox’s PointPerfect GNSS correction service brings centimeter-level positioning to the mass market and cooperates seamlessly with u‑blox positioning and connectivity hardware, providing an easy and scalable one-stop-shop solution from silicon-to-cloud. Because it is based on the open SPARTN GNSS correction data format, its use is not restricted to a single hardware provider, allowing customers the flexibility to optimize solutions. PointPerfect is delivered via the intuitive Thingstream IoT service delivery platform.
NEO-M9V GNSS receiver
The new NEO-M9V GNSS receiver is the first u‑blox positioning receiver to offer both untethered dead reckoning (UDR) and automotive dead reckoning (ADR) - a perfect fit for fleet management and micromobility applications that require reliable meter-level positioning accuracy, even in challenging GNSS signal environments such as urban canyons.
MQTT Flex “Bring Your Own SIM”
The u-blox MQTT Flex service provides IoT sensor network developers the flexibility to combine any cellular connectivity with all the benefits of MQTT communication, a lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol.  

MQTT Flex expands the addressable market by allowing users to bring their existing cellular connectivity together with u‑blox’s IoT Communication-as-a-Service.

A key benefit of the u‑blox MQTT Flex service is that it offers a “Bring Your Own SIM” strategy that enables users to utilize MQTT communication without the operational, logistical, or cost impact of changing their mobile network operator. MQTT Flex enables compliance to IoT project requirements where government or local municipalities might mandate the use of a local network operator.
AWS IoT ExpressLink
u‑blox AWS IoT ExpressLink modules pave the way for rapid design-ins with no complex software to run and maintain on the device side - ideal for small to medium-sized businesses targeting consumer and industrial markets.

The modules, featuring a simplified and highly abstracted command set, can be configured without requiring specialized competencies in IoT product development, networking, and cryptography.

Pre-provisioned to communicate with AWS IoT Core, they can connect to AWS securely, out of the box, with a few commands and integrate with services in the AWS ecosystem with speed and simplicity.
ANNA-B4 and ANNA-B412 Bluetooth low energy SiPs
The ultra-compact ANNA-B4 and ANNA-B412 (Bluetooth long range, Thread, and Zigbee) 5.1 system-in-package (SiP) modules target applications in harsh environments such as smart lighting networks and industrial circuit breakers as well as indoor positioning use cases in manufacturing sites, warehouses, hospitals, and smart cities in operation conditions up to 105 °C.

The  ANNA-B412, is delivered with the easy-to-use u-connectXpress command API and the  ANNA-B402, features a powerful open CPU architecture for custom applications.