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Global collaboration

Much of the innovation across the IoT sector today is led by the dynamic automotive, industrial, and consumer markets where wireless communication and location information is in high demand.

While most companies within the IoT industry work on mass production of components, u-blox has strategically positioned itself differently with its silicon-to-cloud approach. By partnering with the market-shaping trailblazers across our three key markets, we are innovating on behalf of all our 10,000+ customers worldwide.

Facebook chose a u-blox GNSS module for open source Time Card
Facebook has chosen the u‑blox ZED-F9T global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver module for their timekeeping solution. By improving the synchronization of networked computers, Facebook’s Time Card can significantly speed up the performance of their data centers and distributed databases. By open sourcing their designs, Facebook has bolstered the adoption of highly accurate timing solutions based on u‑blox’s technology. Other industries can easily adopt these solutions requiring nanosecond-level timing, such as 5G cellular networks or smart power grids.

TIBCO Partner Excellence Award
In line with our silicon-to-cloud strategy, this partnership enables customers to bring devices to the market that are ready for software and services from TIBCO. Enterprises can securely aggregate data from connected devices, ingest it into the TIBCO Cloud, and convert it to powerful business applications. The fusion of u‑blox’s device ecosystem with TIBCO’s partner network has made silicon-to-cloud a scalable reality.

Bird Smart Sidewalk Protection collaboration
By collaborating with u‑blox, Bird co-developed the micromobility industry’s first robust, integrated sensor fusion system that tracks the Bird e-scooter’s location with centimeter-level precision. By combining u‑blox’s ZED-F9R high precision dead reckoning module with centimeter-level sidewalk mapping and Bird’s suite of onboard vehicle sensors, the integrated system effectively and efficiently detects and prevents sidewalk or footpath riding in real-time.

IP license agreement with KPN
For simplifying the handling of patent matters for our customers we have signed an intellectual property license agreement with KPN, the Dutch telecommunications operator covering the sale of u‑blox’s products and services that KPN believes is essential for telecommunication standards.

GNSS augmentation with SoftBank and ALES
We are now working with SoftBank Corp. and ALES Corp. to develop a common GNSS augmentation service for Japan, the USA, and Europe. SoftBank provides the “ichimill” GNSS augmentation service in Japan, and its subsidiary, ALES, operates a business that generates and delivers positioning correction data. By leveraging our PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service in Europe, the USA, and other countries and regions, we are constructing a GNSS augmentation infrastructure for Japan, Europe, and the USA, developing GNSS receivers and devices, and expanding service areas.

Taoglas collaboration for COWBOY
u‑blox and Taoglas combined their unique expertise to provide the COWBOY e‑bike with high performance positioning and connectivity – regardless of the route traveled. Taoglas’ Accura GVLB258.A, a multi-band GNSS L1/L5, high-performance stacked patch antenna for extremely accurate and reliable location data applications, combined with u‑blox’s SAM-M8Q GNSS positioning module, allows for extremely low power and industry-leading accuracy.