Some of the world’s most innovative thinkers

We are very proud of our global customer base of over 10,300 companies and feel fortunate to partner with some of the world’s most innovative thinkers. Our 100 largest customers are based in 22 countries across 14- a widely diversified business base. In 2021 we continued to expand our distribution and sales network, adding trusted channel partners to grow our reach worldwide.

u-blox customers from EMEA, AMER, and APAC are revolutionizing the global automotive industry and completely transforming the way we are transported from one location to another. Micromobility is adding a further dimension to human transport in cities on several continents. On our roads, across our oceans, in the air and by rail, u‑blox technology is accompanying precious cargo to its destination.  

From farms to factories, industries are automating both simple and complex tasks. Hospitals and overstretched healthcare systems continue to find unique ways to implement IoT to provide vital remote care during the pandemic. Municipalities continue to find innovative ways to reduce their CO2 footprint through optimization, in part possible thanks to IoT.

And to help us stay more connected, healthy, entertained, and informed, there is a constant stream of invention for new wearable devices.

Bird and u-blox co-develop sidewalk safety module

A unique version of the ZED-F9R GNSS module tailored specifically to meet the needs of the world’s largest shared micro-electric mobility provider and cities around the world

If you live in one of the world’s major cities, chances are you’ve either already downloaded the Bird app and had an opportunity to ride on one of their eco-friendly electric scooters or bikes, or you’ve seen the sleek, intuitive vehicles gliding by.  

Bird is a leader in environmentally friendly electric transportation that provides a diverse fleet of eco-friendly vehicles for both shared operations and private ownership. Their shared services span 4 continents, more than 350 cities, and have helped riders take more than 100 million trips in just a few years, while their personal micro-electric vehicles are available for purchase on, or via leading retailers and distribution partners.  

Partnering is big at Bird
Since its founding in 2017, Bird has partnered closely with the cities in which it operates. By listening carefully to community leaders and the people who live and work in these communities, Bird provides reliable and affordable transportation while continuously evolving its products.  
“If we were going to bring something cost effective to scale, we needed to partner with one of the world’s best companies to do this,” explains Scott Rushforth, Chief Vehicle Officer, Bird.
Protecting community access
Cities want to keep pedestrian access areas, like sidewalks, clear and safe for their communities. Geofencing helps but isn’t precise enough to effectively detect when a vehicle is ridden onto a sidewalk, and once there, stop the vehicle safely for both rider and pedestrians.

Why the u-blox ZED-F9R?
The ZED-F9R is a dual-band multi-constellation GNSS receiver that supports up to 8 times more satellite signal types and 4 times more constellations (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and BeiDou) than standard solutions. In addition, this module processes real-time vehicle data, including wheel speed, inertial sensor data, including acceleration and spatial orientation, and real-time kinematic data that correct for ionospheric interference.

Through our partnership with Bird, we optimized our technology for e-scooters by applying dynamic models matching the movements of the vehicle. This allows for the system to monitor if the e-scooter is on the sidewalk and other indications of unsafe operation.

A smart, precise solution for sidewalk protection
Utilizing Bird’s sidewalk map data, u-blox and Bird co-developed a sensor-fusion module that combines multiple data streams into a single, highly accurate location measurement.

The result is a precise centimeter level system that’s far more accurate than traditional GPS receivers delivering meter level accuracies, incorporated in a module that can easily be built into micromobility vehicles and doesn’t require additional external hardware.  

City micromobility administrators, pedestrians and Bird riders are comforted knowing the Bird Smart Sidewalk Protection system stops the vehicle almost instantly when it enters a footpath or sidewalk area and prevents vehicle drift.  

Bird’s Smart Sidewalk Protection system, far more accurate than camera-based solutions, is now being implemented at scale without the risk of damage caused by weather or vandalism, unlike expensive and power inefficient, externally mounted cameras.